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I hope my name leaves ashes in your mouth.

1. There’s nothing a slice of fresh bread with raspberry jam can’t fix. If you’re still sad after your first slice, have another.

2. Distance is the most important thing sometimes and it’s okay to not want to talk to your friends. You are the most important thing and if solitude is what you need, solitude is what you should get.

3. Walking through forests is an immensely satisfying and gratifying experience. Take some fresh bread with you and maybe some raspberry jam. Don’t forget your camera Stop and feel the bark of an ancient tree. Everything is temporary but temporary can still last a long time.

4. Don’t listen to Sylvia Plath. Hot showers can fix just as many things as hot baths can.

5. Cuddling small animals can soothe your soul. Be gentle with both.

6. When you’re feeling low, wash your hands. Take time and make sure the water is soft and warm. Use a soap that reminds you of home and clean until the dirt under your nails is gone. 

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